Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Trip to Paris

Hi everyone, just got back from Paris for the Millennium event. It was pretty cool to be in Paris for paintball, especially since I've never been there before. But It's always good to be home, especially after an 11 hour flight. I was guest staring with a team from Portugal called the Lisbon Titans. Great group of guys. We didn't do to hot this event but it was still a good experience. This event had more American players than any European event I've been to, which made it pretty fun for all of us. Half of the Ironmen roster was out there and a few dye employes from America as well.
I was pretty excited to use my new I4 goglges that I just received last week. I got to use them In our last practice against Dynasty and I felt that these are not just Dyes best goggles made but paintballs best goggles to this day. These goggle are the most comfortable goggles I have ever worn, they are supper light and have a lens that is much larger to give you maximum field vision. But my favorite part is that they look really cool, and we all know that every kid on the field wants to look his best!
In Paris all I could think about was whats to come next week, WORLD CUP!!! The largest tournament of the year. I have been training harder then ever these last couple months to be in tip top shape for this. This last week at home before cup is going to be nothing but exercising twice a day and strict eating regiment of only the healthiest foods. (o ya and a little bit of school) I want to win this tournament more then anything, and until we do its going to be on my mind every minute.

Scott Kemp
Team Ironmen

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