Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Getting ready for World Cup!

Hey guys, I unfortunatly did not make it out to the Paris event, but i have been at home training for one thing, and that is to Win World Cup. World Cup is the biggest event of the year, it is where all the teams go to fight for one thing, to be crowned World Champions. I know from personal experience how good this feeling is and want to experience it again with my brothers. For the past few weeks I have been putting myself through a hell week type mini training camp. Ill give you the rundown

8:00 am - I get up and make a heart healthy breakfast consisting of scrambled eggs with whole wheat toast. 
9:30 am - I go for a run outdoors, I have many hills by my house so i run sprints as fast as i can up the hill then jog back down, I do this to the point of exhaustion knowing that at World Cup I will be ready for every possible situation. 
4:30 pm - Its time to train again and i kick this off by going to one of my favorite spots, LA Fitness. Depending on what day it is i will either workout my upper or lower body, then follow it up by swimming laps in the pool. Now that i am exhausted it is time to start the real training. 
6:00 pm - I head over to my other favorite spot across the street where i take my Mixed Martial Art's class. This really kicks my but especially after training all day and already being tired but again the only thing in my head is winning world cup. Keep in mind this has only been my routine for the past few weeks and will stop once Cup is over, then i will go back to my one a day workouts which are plently. Anyway we usually start out with the jump rope, anyone who has never used a jump rope and thinks it is easy, think again. We get in a good cardio, then its time to fight. I have much more respect for those guys who fight UFC now, the endurance you need to last a full round is incredible, anyway once i finish the class im ready to pass out. I go home, dream about World Cup, then repeat the next day. 

This is my routine during the week, minus school. On the weekends i have been training out at velocity paintball and was lucky enough to wear the new i4 goggles. Dye has really outdone themselves this year, i have been shooting a DM9 for a while now and have to say it is nothing less than amazing. To be honest im really exited for World Cup for another reason, and that is to wear all the new gear. Ive seen most of it and must say it looks great. 

P.S: Scott tries to copy my workout.. hard. 

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