Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ironmen Take 2nd Place at the 2009 Phoenix Open

Thu 7:30 AM Pro Edmonton Impact 7-3
Fri 9:10 AM Pro Chicago Aftershock 7-0
Fri 3:30 PM Pro DYNASTY 7-5
Sat 10:50 AM Pro San Diego Aftermath 7-4

Semi Finals
Sun 11:20 AM Pro DYNASTY 7-5

Thu 2:10 AM Pro Philly Americans 3-6

We were undefeated going into the Finals match up against Philly Americans, the team we faced off against at the 2008 World Cup event.

Newcomer to the Ironmen roster this event was Jon Richardson, former Infamous player.
The total roster list is as follows:

Nicky Cuba
Mikko Huttunen
Scott Kemp
Oliver Lang
Mike Paxson
Jon Richardson
Brandon Short
Billy Wing

Bryan Abou-Rjaily
Garrett Elias
Steve Humphreys
Zachary Wurl

And to all of our supporters at the Phoenix event as well as our fans following us on the internet.

Stay in touch with us right here, or at our website,, and find out where we're going next.
Some of us are in route back to San Diego, while others are staying in Phoenix for one more night.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

2009 PSP Phoenix Open - Day 1

Yesterday, we drove the distance between San Diego to Phoenix and arrived to walk the Pro field. Today was the first day of the first PSP event in the 2009 season - PSP Phoenix Open. The PSP makes its return to the University of Phoenix, Glendale Youth Sports Complex, for the second time. Last year, a total of 123 teams traveled to Arizona, but this year, even with the "economic troubles" the entire world seems to be in, the PSP managed to get 143 teams to sign up (up 20 teams from last year).

PRO Race-to-7

What was once known as the "NXL" is now known as the "PRO Race-to-7" (or just the PRO division). Learn more about the changes by visiting this link:

The PSP Webcast will begin bright and early on Saturday morning. You can watch us at 1050AM (Phoenix time) on the webcast as we match up against San Diego Aftermath (Preliminary match).

We've already played our first prelim match against Edmonton Impact. We won with a score of 7 to 3. As for our Friday schedule, we have two matches, which is as follows:

910AM LA Ironmen vs Chicago Aftershock
330PM LA Ironmen vs Dynasty

Stay tuned right here at our Blog Site. I'll try to post the rest of our scores here with what else we're up to here at the Phoenix event.

Mike #55

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