Friday, November 09, 2007


Congratulations go out to Oliver Lang and Pete "Mr. U" Utschig on an amazing year of paintball.

The Budapest Bullets, along with Ollie and Mr. U completed the European trifecta- 1st place Centurio Eastern European Series, 1st place German X5 Series, and 1st Place Millennium SPL champs. The 1st place SPL series result earned the Budapest Bullets a spot in the elite ranks of the Millennium series CPL division.

In addition to all of that, Ollie and Mr. U along with the L.A. Ironmen added the NXL Los Angeles Open, World Cup champions, and NXL 2007 Season Champs to the long list of accomplishments for the 2007 season. With 1 more event left in the NPPL season, The Ironmen along with Ollie and Mr. U could go on to clinch the season series in the NPPL as well.


RodolfooAlves said...

Congratulations Ironmen!
I'm be your fan. =D
Is my favorite paintball team!
Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.


Abraço a todos vocês!
Firmeza Xalo!

KryptonitePaintball101 said...


Anonymous said...

does this blog ever get updated??!!! i was wondering do you have to be american to play for ironmen?

Taikun said...

Hehe Good job Ironmen's, Keep it up, I'm paintballer from Lithuania, you guys are awesome, my idols ;)
I hope you will rock in 2008 ;)

THORNYPB said...

Hey Generale how was is Europe. Hope you doing great and would love to play against you, Generale.

Good Luck.

Anton said...

Hi guys.Do you know what the song is playing in the general video of Ironmen's sight?I want to download it, but I dont know what.
Thanks in advance.